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In 2010 a year after having twin boys, a friend and I founded “Body Beauties”. It was a group of women who came together almost daily to lift weights. Most of us were new moms who were looking for a healthy way to blow off stress. Along my journey I created connections in my community which led me to my first Crossfit gym in 2013. I was hooked ever since! I loved the coaches, the diverse wods, and the loud rowdy music. I come from a gymnastics background and seeing that incorporated into Crossfit was just what I was looking for.

When I was approached by Keisha with the idea of getting an L1 to coach at her gym, I did not hesitate. I have loved every minute of coaching!  My goal is to facilitate a space where everyone can check out of their busy lives and check in to an hour of camaraderie, smiles, and sweat!

Outside of the gym I enjoy time with my family, playing with my pets, mountain biking, backpacking, and seeking adventure.

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